Mirjam Mölder-Mikfelt is creating art inspired by love, nature and her synesthetic experiences. 

Her work uses different media to explore spiritual sensuality and human connection with nature. The colourful palette invites the viewer to celebrate life. 

Mirjam is an intuitive painter who paints from her heart and soul. She starts every painting with no preconceived vision in mind, allowing the painting to evolve based on her inner guidance. Painting is for her a spiritual practice, a way to share Love. It is her path of meditation. She sees art as a form of therapy and a tool for healing and personal growth.

She is a dedicated artist aiming to reflect the sensual essence of what she experiences with synesthesia – the mysterious phenomenon of mixed senses. Her paintings are charged with emotion and are rich in bright colours that are intuitively selected through synesthesia. All the wonderful colours surrounding her bring her into a state of meditative presence. She often finds herself floating in feelings of pure euphoria!

As an autodidact, Mirjam is always eager to learn, try out new things and use experimental processes. Her approach to painting is playful as she invents her own techniques to express herself in very different ways. She can move easily between mediums and doesn’t feel tied to a particular style. 

Mirjam nurtures her soul by spending time in nature. Feeling oneness with nature fills her mind with beauty and peace and provides her with creative energy.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions and art projects in Estonia and abroad since 2004.