"Introspection",  Novo Slovo online magazine


My endless love and passion for art has been with me ever since I can remember. For me art is just as necessary as the air that I breathe, it is an essential and natural part of my life.

My work is highly inspired by synesthesia, a rare magical condition of mixed senses. The world I live in is full of colourful emotions and I am devouring and inhaling the colours that surround me, needing to put these miraculous experiences on canvas.

I feel desire and fascination for depicting nudes. The human body is incredibly expressive and intriguing and it needs to be admired!

Love for bright colours and figurative art and the urge to find out what I’m really capable of, is what makes me paint.

I deeply enjoy the process of painting. It evokes beautiful euphoric feelings in me just like falling in love. As I hunger to feel it again and again, all I need to do is to keep on painting. It is an ultimate joy to apply interesting textures and to fearlessly use rich colour combinations for creating a sensuously exciting human figure.

Painting gives me emotional, sensual and spiritual pleasure. It gives me total satisfaction and is my source of energy.

I love to paint without a plan and any rules and without too much thinking. Experimentation plays an important part in my work. I do not like to repeat myself and am therefore always trying to find new ways to express my ideas.

My dream has never been to become a world-famous artist and to sell a lot of paintings. I would never paint just to try to gain popularity, to prove something to the world or to sell my creation.  /.../

Mirjam Mölder-Mikfelt,  Estonia