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The Forest is a volunteer-run, collectively-owned, free arts
and events project.
We run a vegetarian café and a big block of studios and facilities to provide dedicated space for people to get
involved in any creative activity imaginable. 
Our events have included music, theatre, dancing, yoga, meditation, massage, poetry recitals, art displays, knit-ins, book tours, language teaching, monsterbike making…and plenty more.
Forest is not sponsored by the government, city council or the arts council, and we do not exist for profit. We have been running a successful alternative business for years, thanks to the commitment of our large and enthusiastic team of volunteers. We are funded mostly by our vegetarian café, and to a lesser extent by the rental of facilities and the sale of books and records from Forest Projects. In keeping with our ethos that
art should be accessible, all our events and workshops are free.